About Us

“Prosperity looks for a place where cows walks fearlessly”. Mother cow is so sacred that all demi gods choose to refuge in one or the other part of Its body. Krishna Himself worships and serves her. When Krishna was in braj, all the brajvasis used to keep, worship and serve the cows. Because of this service, streams of milk, yogurt, butter and butter milk (Chhachh) used to flow out of every home and every body used to be prosperous."

Present situation is totally opposite of it. Few have that respect for cows any more because of degrading cultural values, lose of respect for Braj tradition and poor financial situation. Even Goshala owners find it hard to run such institutions. Since there is limited area for cows to graze, cows are going hungry and no milk is being produced. The cow owners are therefore forced to let them go for free or sell their cows to butchers for the skin. Essentially, a cow is being sold for 2,000 rupees to a butcher, who in return sells the cow’s skin for 10,000 rupees. Restoring the Hills for pasture and building Gaushalas will feed the cows, a reason not to kill them for food. Healthier cows will enable cow based economy.

Taking on this unfortunate situation, Pujya Golwalkar Guruji Trust has started Nandini Gaushala with a vision of bringing the glory and majesty of mother cow back to its original form as it used to be in Krishna’s time. By the grace of Guruji, the Nandini Gaushala Project is becoming a very impressive project started at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. The Gaushala is not only taking care of sick, abandoned cows, but is also helping the environment, and striving to provide many resources to the surrounding community. Currently there are 4 sheds which house 4-5 cows each.

Cow Protection

Protection of Cows is the single-most important principle towards saving the whole world from both moral and spiritual degradation. Simply by protection of Cows all the wonderful benefits of religiosity and piety will be automatically achieved without any separate endeavor. This is because Cows are as beloved to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna, as even saintly brahmanas.

Go-Seva - Your Donation

The number of cows growing every year small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of human consumers, it is important to provide them more nourishment and care.