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“Prosperity looks for a place where cows walks fearlessly”. Mother cow is so sacred that all demi gods choose to refuge in one or the other part of Its body. Krishna Himself worships and serves her. When Krishna was in braj, all the brajvasis used to keep, worship and serve the cows. Because of this service, streams of milk, yogurt, butter and butter milk (Chhachh) used to flow out of every home and every body used to be prosperous.

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The number of cows growing every year small baby calves will soon grow into bulls and mothers, and their needs will also increase. As they grow and produce more milk for the benefit of human consumers, it is important to provide them more nourishment and care.


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Shailesh Khotkar, an animal lover, committed his life for welfare animals that need help. He had an experience of 8 years in this field of rescuing animals, birds and reptiles from different situations. For two years he has started a pet zone to take care of different species.

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